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GAVIN RYAN Love and Punishment RMG

love and punishmentPress Release One

“Heady, emotional and a dark night of the soul”. Since releasing his critically acclaimed debut, Broken Blues, in 2006, Dublin troubadour Gavin Ryan has been blazing a trail with his high octane blend of blues, soul and jazz that has drawn comparisons to Tom Waits and Nick Cave. Three years later and he returns with his follow up, Love and Punishment, an album of blood stained ballads, tales of love, death and late nights, delivered with a voice like a steam train at full tilt, and backed up by a fiery quartet capable of either inducing pin dropping silence or blowing the wattage off a PA. This is the real deal.

Press Release Two

“We're so busy trying to bag the interchangeable Next Big Indie things that the really special catch can easily slip through the net these days. Often simply because they don't conform to the (increasingly conservative) prevailing trends. So it's hugely refreshing to discover a performer like GAVIN RYAN kicking so gloriously against the pricks. Armed with a voice like a stunning alliance of Ray LaMontagne and prime era Paul Rodgers, this young Dubliner comes brandishing a bulging bag of earthy blues, tender balladry and compelling arcana and his second album 'Love And Punishment' throws the anaemic efforts of the headline grabbers likes of Snow Patrol into even sharper relief.

Ryan's 2006 debut 'Broken Blues' was a fine record, but its' follow-up is in another league altogether. Recorded predominantly live in the studio (Dublin's famous Windmill Lane) with a band capable of both enormous restraint and sizzling sonic overload and visiting all points in between, it's exhilarating from wall to wall and – if there's any justice left at all – really ought to introduce its' author to a far wider audience.

Significant portions of 'Love And Punishment' rock significantly harder than anything from 'Broken Blues'. Opening duo 'Baby I Was Right' and 'G-Jam Blues' really cook with gas. Both swagger along, riding bumper grooves with charisma to spare, while Derek O'Connor's magnificent sax on 'G-Jam Blues' adds an authentic Southern Soul sucker punch. 'Lonesome As A Cloud' is arguably even better, with the band building an ominous crescendo for over two minutes before drummer Steve Davis's snare finally batters its way in and an electric storm pours down all over the song…”
9/10 Tim Peacock; Whispein' & Hollerin'